USHC 073P In-Kind Support for USH Cases

New 05/13/04





According to Administrative Rule R495-879-6, “ORS may accept in-kind support after the support amount has been established, based on the parent's service to the program in which the child is placed. The service provided by a parent must be approved by the director of the division or the superintendent of the institution responsible for the child's care. The approval should be based on a monetary savings or an enhancement to a program. If geographical distances prohibit direct service, then the division director or superintendent may approve support services for in-kind support that do not directly offset costs to the agency, but support the overall mission of the agency. For example, a parent with a child receiving services at the Utah State Hospital (USH) may provide services to a local mental health center with the approval of the USH superintendent.


A memorandum of understanding shall be signed by the division/institution and the parent specifying the type, length, and dollar value of service. Verification of the service hours worked must be provided by the division/institution to ORS (using Form 603) within 10 days after the end of the month in which the service was performed. The verification shall include the dates the service was performed, the number of hours worked, and the total credit amount earned. The in-kind service allowed shall be applied prospectively up to the current support ordered amount. Unless approved by the director of the Department, in-kind support approved by one division/institution shall not be used to reduce child support owed to another division/institution. In-kind support shall not be approved when it proposes actions that are contrary to state or federal law.”


NOTE:  The in-kind support option is not limited to the Utah State Hospital (USH); however, at this time, no other programs have chosen to develop in-kind support criteria. 




1.         In-Kind Support:  A parent(s) provides an approved service for the program responsible for the child(ren)’s care and in return receives a dollar amount credit towards the current support for the following month. 


2.         Effective Date:  The date the parent(s) may begin receiving in-kind support credit.  The effective date is the first day of the following month after the order is established.


Forms/Letters Overview


1.         *“Service In-Kind Request”:  The parent(s) completes this form to request in-kind support service.  This form requires signatures from the parent(s)/guardian(s), social worker, and the Utah State Hospital (USH) Financial Manager.  The USH submits this form to ORS after obtaining all the necessary signatures and after ORS establishes a support amount.  


2.         *Approval Letter:  The USH sends this letter to both ORS and the parent(s) after approving the “Service In-Kind Request.”  This letter explains the type of in-kind service approved, the dollar amount per hour, and the effective date.  This form requires a signature from the USH Financial Manager.


3.         Form 603:  This form states the dates in-kind service was completed, number of in-kind hours completed, for whom the service was performed, and the total credit amount earned.  ORS must receive this form by the 10th day following the month that the service was performed.  The director/designee of the business office must sign the form.  The USH must complete a separate Form 603 each month a parent (s) completes in-kind service.


4.         Notice for In-Kind Service Credit” (form NSC1):  ORS sends this notice to the obligor after receiving the “Service In-Kind Request” and Approval Letter.  This notice requests the parent(s) contact ORS to discuss the in-kind service process.


* A USH form


In-Kind Support Criteria


The following criteria must be met in order for ORS to approve in-kind service. 


1.         The USH sends ORS a “Service In-Kind Request” and a copy of the approval letter after ORS establishes a support obligation.  The request must have all the required signatures. 


2.         The USH sends ORS Form 603 by the 10th day following the month the parent completed the service.  The director/designee of the USH business office must sign Form 603. 


3.         The obligor must pay ORS the current support amount for the same month the in-kind service is completed.


4.         The in-kind service benefits the program where the child is placed.


Service In-Kind Procedures


1.         The parent(s) requests the “Service In-Kind Request” form from the USH.  The parent(s) completes the form and submits it to the USH for appropriate signatures.  After obtaining the appropriate signatures, the USH sends a copy of the request to ORS.


2.         Once the order is established, the ORS agent e-mails the account manager/designee a copy of the CURRENT MONTHLY DUE.  The agent also provides the effective date.  The USH account manager/designee contacts the ORS agent to confirm the effective date.


3.         After receiving the effective date and current support amount from ORS, the USH sends ORS a copy of the service in-kind approval letter (the original approval letter is sent to the parent(s)). 


4.         ORS sends the “Notice for In-Kind Service Credit” (form NSC1) to the parent(s).


5.         After the parent(s) completes the in-kind service for the month, the USH sends ORS a completed Form 603.  The parent(s) must also pay the current support amount for the same month the in-kind service was completed in order to receive the credit.


6.         ORS applies the credit towards the next months payment, up to the ordered current support amount (refer to CIC 510a Adding a Current Support Debt and Accruing Debts to ORSIS for instructions to adjust the AUO debt).  The following example shows how to apply the credit.

            Example:        August Current Support Amount =        $570.00

                                    August Credit Amount      =   -            $100.00

                                    September Current Support Due =       $470.00



7.         ORS receives a separate completed Form 603 for each month in-kind service is completed.