Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services

 Volume 2 Public On-Line Policy Manual



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CS 002P

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect

CS 004P

Communication with Customers

CS 005P

Public Assistance Fraud

CS 008P

Protocol for Working with the Attorney General’s Office



CS 021P

Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA)

CS 022P

Disclosure of Private Address Information

CS 026P

Restricted Information

CS 032P

Availability of Case Information for Hearings

CS 034P

Disclosure of Wage Information

CS 035P

Disclosure of Information - Outgoing Intergovernmental Referrals

CS 040P

Summons, Subpoenas or Orders Served Upon ORS



CS 056P

Case Assignment and Case Transfer

CS 057P

Spousal Support (Alimony)

CS 059P

Applicant/Recipient Cooperation – General Information, Forms, Specified Relative

CS 059P-1

IV-A Applicant/Recipient Cooperation Requirements and DWS Non-Participation Assessment

CS 059P-2

Applicant/Recipient IV-A Administrative Review, Adjudicative Proceeding

CS 059P-3

Non-IV-A Medicaid-only Applicant/Recipient Cooperation Requirements

CS 059P-4

Non-IV-A Applicant Cooperation Requirements

CS 061P

Case Closure Overview

CS 062P

Suspending Cases

CS 064P

Retained Support Debt, Obligations and Case Closure

CS 065P

Child Care Collection Services, Non-IV-A Cases

CS 067P

Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

CS 068P

Continuing Services

CS 069P

Retained Support Sanctions

CS 070P

Private Agents in Non-IV-A Cases/Protocol for Dealing with Private Attorneys

CS 071P

Credit Bureau Access

CS 072P

In-Kind Support and Proof of Direct Payments

CS 074P

Federal and State Case Registry

CS 074P-1

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)

CS 075P

Safeguarding Case Information

CS 076P

Release of Case Information Based on Parent-time Order

CS 077P

Requests to Forward Letters/Packages to Case Participants

CS 085P


CS 089P

De Novo Review



CS 090P

RAA Overview



CS 100P-1

Applications/Referrals Overview

CS 101P

Opening a CSS Case

CS 102P

Good Cause

CS 103P

Opening a New Children in Care Case

CS 104P

Opening a Support Follows the Child Case

CS 104P-1

Opening a IV-A Support Follows the Child Case

CS 104P-2

Opening a Non-IV-A Support Follows the Child Case

CS 104P-3

Support Follows the Child Contesting Options

CS 105P

Reinstating Closed Cases

CS 120P

CSS/CIC Case Coordination, Overview

CS 125P

CSS/CIC Intergovernmental Cases



CS 140P

Locating a Non-Custodial Parent

CS 143P

Use of Subpoena Duces Tecum

CS 144P

State Parent Locate Services (SPLS)

CS 145P

Federal Parent Locate Services (FPLS)

CS 146P

FPLS Locate Only Services

CS 147P

Locate Only: Parental Kidnapping, Child Custody or Visitation (Parent-time) Determination

CS 148P

New Hire Reporting


Uniform interstate family support act (UIFSA)

CS 150P

General Information and Definitions

CS 151P

ORS Duties and Federal Timeframes

CS 152P

Nondisclosure Order

CS 153P

Order and Paternity Establishment

CS 154P

Determination of Controlling Order (DCO) Overview

CS 154P-1

Determination of the Controlling Order – Initial Review

CS 154P-2

DCO Procedures – Utah Conducts Review

CS 154P-3

DCO Procedures – Another State Conducts the DCO - Utah Responds to Notice of Preliminary Determination

CS 154P-5

DCO Procedures – Reconciliation of Arrears (ROA)

CS 155P

Choice of Law

CS 156P

Direct Income Withholding

CS 156P-2

Direct Income Withholding, Employer Responsibilities

CS 156P-3

Direct Income Withholding, NCP Contests

CS 157P

Enforcement - Registration of a Support Order

CS 157P-1

Enforcement - International Cases

CS 158P

Continuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction

CS 159P

Review and Adjustment

CS 159P-1

Intergovernmental Review and Adjustment – Modification-Only Request

CS 160P

Rules of Evidence

CS 161P

Communication between Tribunals and Assistance With Discovery



CS 191P

National Intergovernmental Case Reconciliation (ICR)

CS 200P

Full Faith and Credit for Support Orders



CS 201P

Central Registry Responsibilities

CS 202P

Case Processing Procedures

CS 203P

Non-IV-A Incoming Intergovernmental



CS 210P

Native American Cases

CS 210P-1

Navajo Nation

CS 210P-3

Other Utah Tribes

CS 211P

Tribal IV-D Agencies



CS 220P


CS 221P

In-State Remedies on Out-of-State Cases

CS 222P

Intergovernmental Referral Methods

CS 222P-1

Complaint Procedures


Child Support ENforcement network (CSENet)

CS 230P

CSENet Processes - General



CS 250P

International Enforcement Resources

CS 251P

International Case Processing Overview

CS 252P

International Case Processing under UIFSA Article 7 - Overview

CS 253P

International Case Processing – Foreign Reciprocating Countries



CS 300P

Federal Regulations and State Laws

CS 301P

Contact with the Mother

CS 302P

Contact with the Alleged Father

CS 305P

Paternity: Adjudicated, Presumptive and Declarant Fathers

CS 306P

Alleged Father in Home

CS 307P

Alleged Father Applicant 

CS 308P

Multiple Consorts

CS 309P

Mother or Alleged Father is an Unemancipated Minor

CS 310P

Mother or Alleged Father is Deceased

CS 311P

Assisted Reproduction and Gestational Agreements

CS 315P

Voluntary Declaration of Paternity by Parents

CS 319P

Issuing Temporary Child Support Orders in Paternity Cases

CS 328


CS 329P

Paternity Disestablishment, Overview

CS 329P-1

Paternity Disestablishment, Rescission of the “Affidavit of Voluntary Declaration of Paternity by Parents”

CS 329P-2

Paternity Disestablishment, Judicial Order Required

CS 329P-3

Paternity Disestablishment, Amending Administrative Orders Based on Genetic Test Results

CS 329P-4

Paternity Disestablishment, Genetic Testing After the Order



CS 350P

Federal Regulations and State Laws

CS 352P

Administrative Process

CS 354P

Referral to AGO for Order Establishment

CS 355P

Prior Order: Establishing/Modifying a New Order

CS 356P

Specified Relative Cases: Overview

CS 356P-1

Specified Relative Cases, Case Initiation

CS 356P-2

Specified Relative Cases, Paternity & Order Establishment

CS 356P-3

Specified Relative Cases, Enforcement & Support Follows the Child

CS 356P-4

Specified Relative Cases, Medical Support

CS 356P-5

Specified Relative Cases, Review & Adjustment

CS 356P-6

Specified Relative Cases, Continuing Services

CS 357P

Adding an Additional Child to an Existing Order

CS 370P

Administrative Hearing Request and Preliminary Conference

CS 371P

Case Preparation for Administrative Hearing

CS 372P

Administrative Hearings

CS 381P

Registration of Administrative Orders with the State Case Registry

CS 382P


CS 383P

Set Aside Default Orders

CS 384P

Amending Administrative Orders

CS 385P

Alternative to Setting Aside Administrative Orders

CS 387P

Judicial Review of Administrative Hearings

CS 390P

Retained Support Procedures



CS 401P


CS 403P


CS 403P-1

Determining Income for Guideline Worksheets

CS 405P

Either Parent Low Income

CS 407P

Health Insurance, Medical Expenses and Insurance Credit

CS 411P

Accountability of Support Provided

CS 413P

Extended Parent-time

CS 415P

Children & Income in Excess of Tables

CS 417P


CS 419P

Child Support Worksheets



CS 450P

General Information and Federal Timeframes

CS 450P-1

Initiating a Review and Pre-request Procedures

CS 450P-2

Procedures for 3 Year Review

CS 450P-3

Procedures for Less Than 3 Year Review

CS 450P-4

Procedures to Adjust Judicial Order – AGO Referral

CS 450P-5

Procedures to Adjust a CSS Administrative Order

CS 450P-6

Procedures to Adjust a Children In Care Administrative Order

CS 450P-7

Child Support Awards – Out-of- State-Orders or Out-of-State Parties; Specified Relative Cases

CS 450P-8

Child Support Awards – Downward Modification Results in Overpayment of Current Support Due

CS 450P-9

Procedures for Review and Adjustment – Non-Custodial Parent is Incarcerated

CS 451P

Review & Adjustment (Modification) of a Support Order to Include MEDICAL Support Only



CS 480P

General Description of IV-D Medical Support Services

CS 482P

Securing a Medical Insurance Provision in the Support Order

CS 484P

Gathering and Disseminate Medical Insurance Information

CS 490P

Enforcement of Medical Insurance

CS 492P

Manual National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) – Procedures

CS 493P

Employer/Plan Administrator Responsibility – NMSN

CS 494P

Contesting a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)

CS 495P

Collecting Court Ordered Medical Support

CS 496P

Insurance from a Military Parent



CS 505P

Assignment of Support Rights

CS 507P

Voluntary Payment – No Support Order

CS 512P

Child Receiving SSI

CS 535P

Distribution of Collections

CS 537P

Distribution of All Payments other Than Discounted Settlements and Federal Tax Intercept Payments

CS 540P

Distribution of Discounted Settlements

CS 541P

Distribution of State Tax Intercept Payments

CS 543P

Distribution of Federal Tax Intercept Payments

CS 555P

Distribution Overrides

CS 560P

Bad Checks

CS 565P

Manual Payment Transfers

CS 578P

Coordination of Overpayment Obligations

CS 583P

Lost/Forged Warrants

CS 585P

Costs and Fees

CS 590P

Retained Support

CS 600P

Unreimbursed Assistance (URA)

CS 603P

$50.00 Refund to AFDC Household

CS 615P

Notice of Collections and Payments to IV-D Custodial Parents



CS 650P


CS 651P


CS 652P

Unobligated Spouse



CS 670P


CS 671P

Notice of Offset

CS 673P

Intergovernmental Cases

CS 674P

Federal Tax Review

CS 675P

Certification Updates

CS 676P

Unobligated Spouse

CS 677P

Earned Income Credit

CS 678P

Refunds to the Non-custodial Parent


PAYMENT METHODS on past-due support

CS 700P

Overview, Payment Methods

CS 700P-1

Payment in Full at 100% or Discounted Settlement

CS 700P-3

Discharge/Forgiveness of Arrears           

CS 700P-4

Reassessment of Arrears Payment

CS 701P

Payment Methods, Contesting Payment Schedule

CS 702P

Special Circumstances, Non-custodial Parent Receiving Cash Assistance

CS 704P

Special Circumstances: Prisoners

CS 705P

Special Circumstances: Prisoner Forgiveness Program

CS 707P

Special Circumstances: Individuals Participating in Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

CS 708P

Special Circumstances: Uncollectible Arrears Only Cases

CS 710P

Limitations on Collections of Arrears




CS 720P

General Information

CS 720P-1


CS 720P-2

Forms and Packets

CS 720P-3

Spousal Support and Medical Support

CS 720P-4

Employer/Agency Customer Service Unit

CS 720P-5

Administrative Withholding Error

CS 721P

Immediate Income Withholding

CS 722P

Delinquency Based Income Withholding

CS 723P

Good Cause Finding or Written Agreement

CS 730P

Income Withholding and Non-IV-D cases

CS 731P

Non-custodial Parent Requests Voluntary Withholding

CS 732P

Automated Notice to Withhold, General

CS 734P-1

Notice to Withhold, Workers’ Compensation (WC)

CS 734P-2

Notice to Withhold, Social Security Benefits

CS 734P-3

Notice to Withhold, Veteran’s Benefits

CS 735P

Notice to Withhold, Procedures for Unemployment Compensation

CS 742P

Review Process

CS 745P

Termination of Income Withholding

CS 746P

Reinstatement of Income Withholding

CS 748P

Payer Fails to Withhold or Remit

CS 750P

Automatic Payment Withdrawal



CS 800P

Federal Regulations

CS 801P

General Enforcement

CS 802P

Annual Notice of Past-due Child Support, General

CS 802P-2

Annual Notice of Past-due Child Support, Contesting Options and Reviews

CS 802P-3

Annual Notice of Past-due Child Support: Civil or Criminal Referrals to the AGO; Intergovernmental Cases

CS 803P

Electronic Reporting of Liens to Court, Definitions, Criteria and General Information

CS 805P

Financial Institution Data Matching

CS 806P

Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions

CS 806P-1

Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions - Procedures: Issuing a Lien-Levy

CS 806P-2

Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions – Procedures: Review and Follow-up

CS 806P-3

Notice of Lien-Levy, Financial Institutions – Procedures: Intergovernmental Cases

CS 807P

Notice of Lien-Levy, Other than Financial Institutions

CS 808P

Enforcement on an Order Issued in Another State

CS 809P

Credit Bureau Reporting

CS 810P

Enforcement of a Mediation Agreement

CS 812P

Duration of Child Support Judgments

CS 816P

Satisfaction of Judgment

CS 817P

Satisfaction of Retained Support Judgments

CS 818P

Support Follows the Child: Post Order, Legal Custody Determined

CS 819P

Support Follows the Child: Post Order, Legal Custody Has Not Been Determined

CS 827P

Execution on Personal Property: General

CS 836P

Supplemental Proceedings

CS 838P

Civil Contempt for Non-Payment of Child Support

CS 844P

Criminal Nonsupport

CS 844P-1

Criminal Nonsupport:  State Prosecution Procedures

CS 844P-2

Criminal Nonsupport:  Phases of CNS Cases

CS 844P-3

Criminal Nonsupport:  Federal Prosecution Procedures

CS 845p

Driver License Suspension - Overview

CS 845P-1

Driver License Suspension - Criteria

CS 850P

Passport Denial/Renewal/Revocation

CS 852P

Child Receiving Benefits Based on the Non-Custodial Parent’s Social Security or Veterans Benefits

CS 860P

Posting Bond or Security

CS 870P

Medicaid-eligible Non-custodial Parent in Nursing Home

CS 880P

Retained Support - Enforcing Repayment Agreements

CS 890P

Bankruptcy – Overview, Definitions, Forms, Screen, and Alerts/Events


Children In Care (CIC) Case management

CS 1085P

CIC Adoption Assistance

CS 1086P

CIC Guidelines for Charging Support

CS 1087P

CIC Guardianship Placement

CS 1088P

CIC Good Cause Deferral/Waiver Request


cic case initiation

CS 1104P

Enforcing an Existing Order on a CIC Case


cic paternity

CS 1305P

CIC Paternity: Adjudicated, Presumed, and Declarant Fathers

CS 1316P

CIC Administrative Notice of Agency Action (NAA) – Paternity and Child Support

CS 1329P

CIC Paternity Rescinded


cic establish order

CS 1352P

CIC Administrative Process

CS 1354P

CIC Referral to the Attorney General’s Office for Order Establishment

CS 1364P

CIC Administrative Stipulation

CS 1365P

CIC Default Order

CS 1366P

CIC Determining Arrears for a First-time Child Support Order

CS 1371P

CIC Preparation for Administrative Hearing

CS 1373P

CIC Administrative Hearing Order

CS 1382P

CIC Reconsideration

CS 1387P

CIC Judicial Review of Administrative Order for CIC Cases


cic payment processing

CS 1600P

CIC Support Exceeds the Grant for Foster Care Cases


cic enforcement of support obligation

CS 1816P

CIC Satisfaction of Judgment



Appendix A-P

Acronyms and Glossary of ORS/CSS Terms

Appendix E-P

Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLIS)

Appendix G-P

Child Support Guideline Worksheet and Instructions

Appendix I-P

Child Support  Tables

Appendix R-P

Reasonable Necessities and Child Care Allowance Chart

Appendix T-P

Federal Performance Standards for IV-D Child Support