CS 615P Notice of Collections and Payments to IV-D Custodial Parents

New 02/98

45 CFR 302.54


Quarterly, the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) computer system (ORSIS) automatically generates the Notice of Collections and Payments to IV-D Obligee if:


1.                   There is a IV-A debt on the case with a balance greater than zero;


2.                   The custodial parent (CP) has a verified MAIL1 address; and,


3.                   There is a disregard, warrant or payment transaction occurring on the case during the past quarter.


A separate notice will be generated for each case that meets the above criteria.  A notice is generated on closed cases if the case met the criteria any time during the quarter.  Exception: The notice will not automatically generate on incoming interstate cases or “never assistance cases.”  A never assistance case is defined as a case with no open IV-A debts with a balance greater than zero.



Information Contained in the “Notice of Collections”


The “Notice of Collections and Payments to IV-D Obligees” is one page (both sides) that lists all transactions that occurred during the quarter.  If all of the transactions cannot be printed due to space limitations, the back page will have the following message: “Additional transaction occurred in the reporting period.  Please call the number provided on this notice for additional information.”  The CP must call the appropriate CSS Automated Information System (AIS) to request a report for the time periods not printed.



Manually Requesting the “Notice of Collections”


The “Notice of Collections and Payments to IV-D Obligees” may be requested daily by anyone through the CSS Automated Information System (AIS), including CPs with a pure Non-IV-A case. The notice may be requested on open cases or cases that were closed within the last 12 months.  When a request is made through AIS, ORSIS will automatically send the report the following day.  The report will include the current month’s transactions plus a 12-month history.  When the notice is requested through AIS, it is not limited to one page.  If the CP does not have a verified MAIL1 address, the notice will still be printed and forwarded to the team to be sent manually.