CS 565P Manual Payment Transfers

01/24/85 Revised 09/23/09 Training Completed 10/09



Child support payments received by the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) State Disbursement Unit (SDU) are posted to the non-custodial parentís (NCPís) high level client index (HLCI/PID) number and to the NCPís case number, if intent is specified.



R527-330-1. Posting Priority of Payments Received.

ďThe Office of Recovery Services shall determine to which debt payment will be credited in instances where the obligor has more than one case, and the obligor has not expressed his intention.


For Child Support Services cases, if the obligor expresses intent, the payment shall be credited to the case indicated. When the obligor has not expressed his intention, the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) shall pro-rate payments, other than payments received from the Federal tax refund intercept program, among all of the obligor's current support obligations. Once the current support obligations have been met, a payment shall be split equally among all of the obligor's child support cases with arrears.


A payment credited to a case with arrears shall be applied to the oldest debt, and arrears owed to the family shall be paid before arrears owed to the State according to the priority specified in 42 USC Sec. 657.Ē


ORSIS automatically distributes all payments to the case/debt but at times it may be necessary to manually transfer a payment to another case.For example, money posted to the wrong custodial parentís (CPís) case.


Senior Agents, Managers, or Quality Assurance Specialists (QA) may request a manual payment transfer, but only the team Manager may approve the transfer, or if appropriate, another Senior Agent.Managers should not request payment transfers and then ask a Senior Agent to approve the transfer.When a Manager becomes aware of the need to request a payment transfer, s/he should ask the Senior Agent to initiate the payment transfer and then approve the transfer himself/herself.Accounting must also approve the transfer request if the payment is being transferred to a different NCPís case, or if the payment has already disbursed to the CP or other payee.



Payments Posted by Intent


If a NCP has more than one CSS case and is paying the support by cash, money order, or personal check, s/he may express the specific case for which a payment is intended for by writing the case number, CPís name, or childís name on the payment.When the intent of payment has been expressed, the payment is posted to that case with an override.A payment posted by intent may not be transferred to another case unless you receive permission from the NCP.



Transfer Audit Information


The ORS Management Auditors routinely audit transfer requests. In order to pass the audit, you must use the appropriate transfer code and write a case narrative to document the transfer reason.The requesting Senior Agent is responsible for ensuring that the transfer is appropriate, documented, and completed correctly.†††