CS 507P Voluntary Payment No Support Order

08/01 Revised 12/06/04 Training Completed 12/06/04

42 U.S.C 654b


Any payment received by the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) on a case in which a child support order has not yet been established is considered a voluntary payment. In the absence of a child support order, voluntary payments are considered to be the full child support obligation for the current month in which they are received. All payments received on Non-IV-A debts must be disbursed within two (2) days to comply with federal requirements.


There are instances in which a non-custodial parent (NCP) may make a payment before an order has been established, or before we have received a copy of the signed order. For example:


1.                   There may be a verbal agreement between the NCP and custodial parent (CP); or,


2.                   The NCP has been ordered to commence payments but CSS has not yet received a copy of the order (e.g., another state has issued an order on an outgoing interstate case).



1.                   Pending Obligation No order, or an order without a current support provision and the NCP voluntarily pays an amount.


2.                   Temporary Obligation An order with a temporary current support provision, which will be replaced with a final order in the future.



Procedures Before Order Established or Received


Add an obligation and debt to ORSIS where the money can post and disburse.



Procedures After Order Established or Received


Once an order for support is established or received, consider the information listed below before adding the obligation and debt to ORSIS.


1.                   If you added a temporary obligation to distribute a voluntary payment and the final order covering the period of the voluntary payment is later established for a different amount, begin to charge the NCP the amount stated in the final order. Change the temporary obligation code to reflect the final order and update the obligation and debt information on ORSIS. Add or adjust any arrears that may have accrued during the period that the NCP did not make voluntary payments.


2.                   If you added a temporary obligation to distribute a voluntary payment and the final order does NOT cover the period of the voluntary payment (for example, the NCP voluntarily pays this month and a paternity order is taken to be effective next month), add a new obligation to reflect the final order.


3.                   If you added a pending obligation and later receive a copy of an order with current support and it covers the period of time which the NCP has paid, end the pending obligation and add the new obligation and debt information on ORSIS.