CS 496 Insurance from a Military Parent

01/90 Revised 04/15/16 Training Completed 04/29/16





Insurance enrollment for family members of civilian employees of the Department of Defense is different than it is for family members of active duty or retired military members.  The active duty or retired military family member’s child(ren) must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).



Procedures – Military Enrollment Process


If the obligated parent has not enrolled the child(ren) in DEERS, determine if that parent is active duty military/retired military, or a civilian.  If the obligated parent is:


1.                   Active duty/retired military – Active duty parents are required to register all of their dependents with DEERS and enroll the dependents in TRICARE, the healthcare program for active service members, retirees and their families.  The active duty parent or retiree is considered the “sponsor” and only the sponsor is able to register dependents with DEERS and enroll the dependents in TRICARE.  If the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is sent to the Defense Manpower Data Center, they cannot comply with the notice and enroll dependents.  TRICARE is an automatic entitlement for military personnel and their dependents, not insurance. 


For cases that meet the criteria for automated medical support enforcement, if the obligated parent is in the military (active duty or retired) and the child(ren) has not been enrolled DEERS/TRICARE, ORSIS will generate the Military Insurance Notification letter to the CP.

The Military Insurance Notification letter instructs the CP to contact the Defense Manpower Data Center to obtain a point of contact (Project Officer) for the NCP.  The CP should then contact the Project Officer who will in turn follow-up with the NCP to ensure the child(ren)f is enrolled in TRICARE.


Once the child is enrolled in DEERS/TRICARE, the CP is responsible to provide CSS with the policy number, name and address of the insurance company.


NOTE:  Because CP is unable to enroll the child(ren) in DEERS/TRICARE, do not initiate non-cooperation proceedings against CP for failure to contact the DMDC and/or provide CSS with the DEERS/TRICARE coverage information.   


2.                   Civilians working for the Department of Defense (DOD) – ORSIS does not generate the automated NMSN to any military employers.  If the obligated parent is a DOD civilian, you must generate a manual NMSN.  Send the form to the appropriate office for the correct branch of service.

a.                   Civilian Federal Employees working for the Army – Send the form to:

Army Benefits Center-Civilian

305 Marshall Avenue

Fort Riley, KS 66442-5004

FAX number – 785-239-0016


                                NOTE:  The FORM may be sent to this fax number.

b.                  Civilian Federal employees working for the Air Force – Send the form to:

Air Force Personnel Center DPCMB

550 C Street West, Suite 57

Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4759

c.                   Civilian Federal employees working for Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home – Send the form to:

HRO Soldiers’ and Airman’s Home

Sherman Bldg. N

3700 N Capital St.

Washington, DC 20317-0002

d.                  All other civilian Federal employees working for Department of Defense – Send the form to the Department of Defense.  To find the correct address to send the form to, complete the following:

i.                     Fastpath to the 235 New Hire Detail Screen by typing “235” in the SCREEN/FORM I.D. field and the NCP’s PID number in the KEY field.

ii.                   This screen lists three different addresses; identify the “EMPL ADDR” (Employer Address).  This is the correct DOD address to send the form to.


                Monitor the case for a response from DOD. 


3.                   Non-DOD civilian Federal employees working for Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the Department of Energy (DOE), The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Executive Office of the President (EOP), and the Department of Veterans Affairs – Send the form to the following mailing addresses:

a.                   Employees of BBG:

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Room 1544

330 Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20237

b.                  Employees of DOE:

U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Human Capital, HC11 Room 4E-084

1000 Independence Avenue SW

Washington, DC 20585

c.                   Employees of EPA:

Department of Environmental Protection Agency

Office of Human Resources, 3618A

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20460

d.                  Employees of Executive Office of the President (EOP):

EOP Office of Administration HRMD

725 17th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20503-0001

e.                  Employees of HHS:

Department of Health and Human Services

Payroll Services Division

Post Office Box 14950

Silver Spring, MD 20911-4950

f.                    Employees (not beneficiaries) of the Department of Veterans Affairs – Send the form to the VA office you normally send it to.