CS 450P-7 Child Support Awards Out-of-State Orders or Out-of-State Parties; Specified Relative Cases

07/14/12 Training Completed 07/28/12

45 CFR 303.8; UCA 62A-11-304.4, 320.5 and 320.6, 78B-12-202, 111, 210, and 112, R527-231, and 255


Out-of-State Orders or Out-of-State Parties


If you receive a request to conduct a review on a case where one or both of the parties live out of state or the order is from another state, refer to CS 159P UIFSA Review and Adjustment to determine which state should conduct the review. If Utah is to conduct the review, follow the steps outlined in CS 450P-2 Procedures for 3 Year Review and CS 450-3P Procedures for Less Than 3 Year Review. Refer the case to the AGO to complete the modification. Refer to CS 450-4P Procedures to Adjust Judicial Order AGO Referral for more information.


If another state is to conduct the review, send an interstate transmittal to that state and request that state to conduct the review.


Specified Relative Cases


Review policy before proceeding with review and adjustment of a case that involves a child living with a specified relative. If the specified relative case meets the criteria for review and adjustment, consult with your attorney about whether to include a change of payee in the modification at the same time the support award is adjusted. The modification should also include a support order against the other parent.