CS 411P Accountability of Support Provided

07/94 Revised 08/13/08

UCA 78B-12-218

Utah Code Annotated (UCA) at 78-45-7.20 Accountability of support provided to benefit child – Accounting, reads as follows:
     “(1) The court or administrative agency which issues the initial or modified order for child support may, upon the petition of the obligor, order prospectively the obligee to furnish an accounting of amounts provided for the child's benefit to the obligor, including an accounting or receipts.
     (2) The court or administrative agency may prescribe the frequency and the form of the accounting which shall include receipts and an accounting.
     (3) The obligor may petition for the accounting only if current on all child support that has been ordered.”

If a non-custodial parent (NCP) on a CSS case wants an accounting of how the custodial parent (CP) is spending the child support payments, inform the NCP that s/he must seek private counsel to petition the court to issue an order for the CP to furnish an accounting.


If the child support order is an administrative order, and it is the only support order for the case, you will first need to refer the case to the Attorney General’s Office to ask that the order be registered in the district court, in order to give the court jurisdiction over the matter.  If the court refers the matter back to CSS to handle administratively, consult with the CSS Policy Analyst Unit on how to proceed.