CS 356-6 Specified Relative Cases, Continuing Services

11/94 Revised 11/12/15 Training Completed 06/02/04

U.C.A. 78B-12-108, 78B-12-205, 78B-12-113





When a specified relative goes off IV-A and/or Medicaid assistance, the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) must provide continuing services to the specified relative to the extent possible, if the specified relative continues to have physical custody of the child(ren).  Generally, when a specified relative goes off IV-A and/or Medicaid, it is because the child(ren) has left the home.  Therefore, when a specified relative’s IV-A case is closed on PACMIS, automatic debt roll will NOT occur on the CSS case. 



Procedures for Specified Relative Continuing Services


The procedures for providing continuing services will differ depending on whether legal custody or guardianship has been granted to the specified relative, or whether the parent who has legal custody confirms that the change in physical custody is voluntary.  


1.                   Legal custody or guardianship granted to specified relative:

If a specified relative with legal custody or guardianship closes the IV-A and/or Medicaid case, continue to provide both child and medical support services by establishing, modifying, or enforcing the support obligation(s) of the parent(s) who do not have physical custody of the child, unless the specified relative asks you to discontinue services.  Inform the specified relative of CSS continuing services and his/her option of declining services by generating and sending the “Continuing Services Notice” to the specified relative. 


2.                   Legal custody or guardianship not granted to specified relative.

a.                   Support order with legal custody determined:  If a specified relative who does not have legal custody or guardianship of the child(ren) closes the IV-A and/or Medicaid case, before providing continuing services you must first determine if the child(ren) continues to reside with the specified relative with the voluntary consent of the parent who has legal custody.  Send the “Confirmation of Physical Custody Change, Specified Relative Letter and Form” to the parent with legal custody.  The parent has 10 days to respond.  If the parent with legal custody completes and returns the form to confirm the physical custody arrangement, document this information in the case narrative and continue to enforce the established support obligation(s) of the parent(s).  If the parent with legal custody does not return the form to confirm the change in physical custody, close the case and notify the specified relative of the reason for the closure.

b.                  No support order. 

i.                     No potential IV-A arrears obligation:  Close the case and notify the specified relative that the case may be reinstated if the specified relative obtains legal custody or guardianship of the child(ren).

ii.                   Potential IV-A arrears obligation:   Determine if the case meets the criteria for a “UNF” (Unenforceable) closure code.  If the potential IV-A arrears obligation is:  

A.                  Less than $500.00, close the case using the “UNF” closure code; or, 

B.                  $500.00 or greater, then establish an order so that ORS may recuperate those IV-A arrears.


If it is appropriate to close a specified relative case because continuing services will not be provided, close the case according to the procedures outlined, using the “AMC” (Administrative) closure code except when instructed to use a different closure code.


NOTE:  When the specified relative’s IV-A cash assistance case closes, the child support accrued during the months the specified relative was eligible for assistance may exceed the amount of cash assistance received.   This results in a positive “unassign arrears balance” (UAB) in ORSIS.  Any portion of the AFDC balance that rolls to a UDAA debt should be collected for the specified relative, regardless of that relative’s eligibility for continuing services after the IV-A assistance case closes.