CS 306P Alleged Father In Home 

04/87 Revised 08/13/03


If you have received a IV-A referral and learn that the mother and alleged father are living together, notify the appropriate IV-A Department of Workforce Services (DWS) office immediately.  The IV-A office will have the alleged father sign the DWS “Acknowledgment of Relationship” form if an “Affidavit for Voluntary Declaration of Paternity by Parents” (VDP) has not already been signed, and will consider the father’s income and assets for eligibility in the IV-A programs.


Research whether or not the mother and alleged father have previously signed the VDP form.  If the parents have signed the VDP, attempt to establish a support order administratively if genetic testing was previously completed that supports the VDP.  If genetic testing has not been conducted, recommend testing to the mother and declarant father.  If they are unwilling to consent to testing and potential rescission if the results are negative, ask the mother and declarant father if they are willing to sign an administrative child support stipulation which includes a paragraph that waives genetic testing.  If they will not sign the stipulation, serve them with a “Notice of Agency Action:  Child Support”and obtain an “Order:  Child Support.”


If the parents have not signed the VDP, arrange for them to undergo genetic testing at no cost.  If the alleged father is not excluded, ask him and the mother to sign an administrative “Stipulation and Order:  Paternity and Child Support.”  If the alleged father will not sign, or will not cooperate with genetic testing, proceed to serve him with a “Notice of Agency Action:  Paternity and Child Support” to establish an administrative order of paternity and child support.  Do not enforce the current support obligation if the child has been removed from the IV-A grant.


If the mother will not cooperate in establishing paternity and is receiving IV-A services for the child in question, you may initiate non-cooperation proceedings against the obligee.