CS 302P Contact with the Alleged Father 

10/82 Revised 08/13/03


If, after talking with the mother on an unestablished paternity case, you find that the man the mother has named as the alleged father may cooperate in establishing paternity, attempt to work directly with the alleged father by taking the steps listed below.


NOTE:  If there is more than one possible alleged father on the case, refer to CS 308P Multiple Consorts.


1.                  Telephone or send the alleged father the “Initial Contact with Alleged Father.”  Do not add the mother’s name (or the relative in a specified relative case) or the case number to the letter.  This is to ensure that the confidentiality of the case is maintained.  Do not discuss the case with anyone but the alleged father.  If the alleged father is a minor, you may discuss the case in the presence of the alleged father’s parent or guardian.


2.                  Tell the alleged father that the mother of the child has named him as the father and inform him of his right to secure legal counsel.  Do not attempt to give the alleged father legal advice.  Inform the alleged father of the requirement for genetic testing that will be done at no cost to him.  Also inform him that if he is not excluded by the testing, the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) will ask him to sign an administrative “Stipulation and Order:  Paternity and Child Support.” 


3.                  If the alleged father submits to genetic testing and is not excluded, or he is provided the opportunity for genetic testing free of charge and declines, and he agrees to voluntarily establish paternity, arrange for him to come into the office to sign an administrative stipulation of paternity and child support.  You may send the alleged father the “Paternity:  Appointment Letter to Father, Willing Father” to set up or to confirm an appointment.  Also send the “Paternity:  Appointment Letter to Mother, Willing Father” to the mother. 


4.                  If the alleged father fails to respond to a letter or a phone call requiring and providing the opportunity for genetic testing at no cost, and is still residing at the same address, you may either schedule him for genetic testing by sending the “Genetic Test Appointment, Notice to Father” or prepare a “Notice of Agency Action:  Paternity and Child Support.”  For incoming interstate cases, coordinate genetic testing with the initiating state. 


5.                  If the alleged father cannot be contacted because of an incorrect address, attempt to locate the alleged father’s current address.