child support enforcement network (csenet)

CS 230P CSENet Processes - General

06/17/02 Revised 01/03/10 Training Competed 01/18/11

45 CFR 303.7


The Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet) is a nationwide computerized link which allows state Child Support systems to communicate with each other electronically.  CSENet allows the state child support offices to exchange all types of information and enables them to expedite the procedures for establishing and enforcing a child support order more quickly.  Federal Regulations found at 45 CFR 303.7(a)(5) requires IV-D agencies to, “Transmit requests for information and provide requested information electronically to the greatest extent possible.”  Not all states are fully CSENet active. 


Create, Send and Read CSENet Interstate Narratives


CSENet states may create, send, and receive free-form narratives. 


Read CSENet Child Support I Narratives (Comments)


When information is received from another state and it is not automatically updated on ORSIS, it is written to comments.  This information is stored and separated into different blocks of specific case, order, and participant information. 


Procedures - Reading the CSENet Child Support Narratives


Each Child Support Narrative is received and separated into blocks of information according to the date the information is received on ORSIS.  ORSIS further separates some of the information blocks into smaller blocks making it easier to read the information.  These blocks can be identified by three asterisk (***), the block title, and three more asterisk; for example, ***AP INSURANCE INFO***.