CS 203P Non-IV-A Incoming Interstate

10/92 Revised 01/23/03

45 CFR 303.2


A Non-IV-A applicant/custodial parent (CP) living out-of-state may receive IV-D services from the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) by applying for IV-D services in another state (usually the state s/he resides in), and that state determines a referral to Utah is necessary, or by applying directly with CSS.    


If the applicant/CP applies for IV-D services in another state, the IV-D agency in that state will refer the case to the CSS Central Registry Unit (CRU, team 38) using an approved federal interstate form, “Child Support Enforcement Transmittal #1 – Initial Request” or by referring the case electronically through the Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet).  This type of case is considered a two-party incoming interstate case.  


If the applicant/CP prefers to work directly with CSS, s/he must complete an “Application for Non-IV-A Services,” which will be processed through team 38 in order to determine which CSS team should work the case.  This type of request is not an incoming interstate case.


After the Non-IV-A case or incoming interstate case is processed and opened on ORSIS, team 38 forwards the case to the appropriate CSS team for action.  When you receive an incoming interstate case, you must provide the same IV-D services on this case as you would on an instate case.