CS 1600P CIC Support Exceeds the Grant for Foster Care Cases

New 05/25/04

45 CFR 302.52




URA (Unreimbursed Assistance) is the balance of the total life-to-date foster care maintenance payments after deducting the child’s Social Security benefits received by ORS and the payments received from the parent(s) of the child in foster care.  A CIC (Children in Care) manager will compare the total amount of support collected from both of the parents and social security (if applicable) to the amount of the total foster care maintenance payments for all CIC cases.  If the life-to-date support collected exceeds the total foster care maintenance payments, the assigned CIC manager will notify the custodial agency of the excess support amount.


The ORS/CIC computer system (ORSIS) automatically calculates URA by adding the child support collections retained by CIC and deducting the foster care maintenance payments from the total collected by CIC. 



The child’s parents paid a total of $6,500 in child support to CIC while the child was in foster care.  The total foster care maintenance payments received was $5,500.  CIC collected and retained an additional $1,000.   The CIC manager notifies the custodial agency of the excess support amount collected.


URA Excess


Federal Regulations found at 45 CFR 302.52(2) state, “If the amount collected is in excess of the monthly amount of the foster care maintenance payment but not more than the monthly support obligation, the State must pay the excess to the State agency responsible for supervising the child's placement and care under section 472(a)(2) of the Act. The State agency must use the money in the manner it determines will serve the best interests of the child including:

    (i) Setting aside amounts for the child's future needs; or

    (ii) Making all or part of the amount available to the person

responsible for meeting the child's daily needs to be used for the

child's benefit.”