CS 159-1 Intergovernmental Review and Adjustment – Modification-Only Request

06/21/05 Revised 06/01/15 Training Completed 07/19/11




The Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) will no longer provide services for a modification-only request.  If the Central Registry Unit (CRU) receives a request from another state for a modification-only, CRU will immediately contact the other state and determine if the other state wants full-services. 


If the other state wants full services, a case will be opened on ORSIS.  Once the case is opened, ORSIS automatically determines the appropriate function and sub-function and assigns the case to the appropriate team and agent for further action. 


If the other state declines full services, CRU will/may provide the other state with the appropriate District Court information for filing a modification-only request per UIFSA.  A case will not be opened on ORSIS.


EXCEPTION:  If the other state complains, CRU will open a “modification-only” case on ORSIS.  CRU will open a case on ORSIS and refer the physical file to the appropriate team for review and adjustment of the child support order. 


Likewise, ORS/CSS will no longer send an interstate referral request to another state for a modification-only.  If an interstate referral is needed to request another state to review the order and if appropriate, adjust it, the interstate referral will be for full services.


EXCEPTION:   If the CP applies directly with the state of Utah or the case is a continuing service case for the CP; e.g., the CP lived in Utah but has since moved to another state or the case is an incoming interstate case and the order was issued by that state.