CS 1387P CIC Judicial Review of Administrative Orders for CIC Cases 

10/18/82 revised 12/06/04

UCA 62A-11-333 and 63-46b-14, 15


NOTE: CIC-specific procedures contained in this section.


A party may obtain judicial review of a final agency action (administrative order) issued by the Office of Recovery Services/Children in Care (ORS/CIC) by filing a petition for judicial review of a final agency action with the juvenile court which placed the child in the care or custody of the State 30 days after the date the administrative order was issued.  If a respondent does not believe that any administrative order is correct, s/he may file a petition for judicial review.


The court will decide, by "trial de novo," (a new hearing where all evidence is considered) all questions of fact and law, and any constitutional issues raised in the petition, which means that the judge will set the parameters for the hearing.  The hearing may involve a full hearing on the facts, a mere review of the record, testimony by the Presiding Officer (PO), and arguments by attorneys, depending on the nature of the petition and decision of the judge.


All petitions for Judicial Review served on the Department of Human Services and routed to the Office of Administrative Hearings, the Office of Recovery Services, or the Attorney General, should be rerouted to the appropriate CIC team.