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CS 1364PCIC Administrative Stipulation

05/13/99 Revised 03/29/16 Training Completed 08/11/08

U.C.A. 62A-11-304.2; R527-200-13


NOTE: CIC-specific procedures contained in this section.




The respondent(s) in an administrative UAPA action may sign a stipulation order for child support at any point during the process of establishing an order.You are not limited by what was included in the Notice of Agency Action (NAA) when determining what issues and amounts to include in the stipulation.Both respondents served with a two-parent NAA must sign the stipulation for the order to be valid.If one parent signs the stipulation and the other parent will not and does not request an administrative hearing, issue a two-parent participation order at least 30 days after the date the NAA was served.





1.††††††††††† Determine when you may use the administrative process (i.e. jurisdiction issues) and what items to include in the stipulation.


2.††††††††††† Prepare a Stipulation Order when the respondent(s) on the case is willing to sign an order for child support.


NOTE:The respondent(s) does not need to be served with an NAA in order to sign a stipulation.


3.                   The respondent(s) must sign and date the first page of the order stating that s/he waives the rights to a hearing and reconsideration of the order, and stipulates to the judgment and order.The Presiding Officer should sign the stipulation only after receiving both of the respondentsí signed copies, including the signature page.


4.                   Mail the respondent(s) a copy of the signed order and keep the original signed order in the case file.


5.                   Enter the order information and establish the obligation and debts on ORSIS immediately after the respondent(s) and presiding officer sign the order.


6.                   Refer the case to the post order worker.


7.                   Write a narrative at the case level and include in the narrative that you are forwarding the case to the post order worker.


8.                   Collection/enforcement actions may begin as soon as soon as the respondent(s) and the presiding officer sign the order.