CS 125P CSS/CIC Interstate Cases

06/16/04 Revised 07/14/04 Training Completed 07/01/04


Procedures for Interstate Cases


If the non-custodial parent (NCP) resides in another state and you need to send an interstate referral to that state, and there is an Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) case and an ORS/Child in Care (ORS/CIC) case for the same child(ren), the team with the newest case is responsible for determining how the other state wants to receive these types of interstate referrals; e.g., one referral per order per family or two separate referrals. (If different children are involved, i.e., a different family grouping, two referrals are acceptable.)

1.                  One referral - if the matrix indicates the other state will only open one case for both the CIC and CSS cases, the agent must:

a.                   determine if the child(ren) are split between CIC and CSS; e.g. there are two children listed in the order and one child is active on a foster care case and the other child is active on a IV-D case.

i.                     If all children are active under one program (the children are active on the foster care case and CSS has an arrears only case) follow the procedures step b below.

ii. If the child(ren) are split between CIC and CSS, CSS will assume responsibility for the interstate action because a child is generally in foster care for a short period of time and the CSS case will be active/open longer. Both teams are responsible for coordination; e.g., CIC will provide CSS with the appropriate case information and CSS will inform CIC of the actions taken, as appropriate.

b.                  determine if an interstate referral has already been sent:

i.                     Interstate referral if an interstate referral has been sent, contact the other team and coordinate with them. This includes but is not limited to providing balances, orders, etc.

ii.                   No interstate referral if there is not an interstate referral:

A.                 contact the other team and coordinate with them. If an interstate transmittal is needed, the team with the case with current support is responsible for sending the transmittal for both teams; and,

c.                   add a posting note and hold to the case the team that is responsible for sending the interstate transmittal to the other state is also responsible for adding a posting note to the case, and a hold if the other state sends money by check or money order.


2.                  Two referrals - if the matrix indicates the other state will open two cases for both the CIC and CSS case, each team is responsible for the interstate activity for its respective case; e.g., sending an interstate transmittal, etc. However, even though there are no coordination issues involved in sending one interstate referral, CIC and CSS must still work together when there is new information, or updates received from the other state, and when deciding the next appropriate action for the case(s); e.g., if one team has a two-state action in place with the other state, the second team should not proceed with direct withholding. Instead, the second team should contact the first team to discuss the available enforcement options and to determine the best course of action for both cases.

a.                   CIC and CSS must work together on sending either interstate separate referrals or one direct Notice to Withhold, because it is not in the best interest of the NCP, ORS, the employer, or the other state to have two competing actions (two-state and direct withholding) occurring at the same time. Two separate actions can cause confusion for the employer, especially if another state is trying to collect child support as well, and may cause the NCP to quit his/her job or the other state to close the current two-state action.