CS 103P CIC Opening a New Children in Care Case, Preliminary Procedures

5/99 Revised 01/01/18 Training Completed 01/15/18





Intake agents are responsible for reviewing all case referrals that Children in Care (CIC) receives. 


When an intake agent receives a referral for a child who has been placed in the care or custody of the state, the agent has 20 calendar days to open a Children in Care (CIC) case on ORSIS and obtain any missing information.


The 20 calendar days for CIC do not begin until:


1.                  The child is in a chargeable placement on the first day of the month; and,

2.                  ORS has received a referral.



Preliminary Case Opening Procedures


Upon receipt of the referral, CIC intake agents shall complete the steps listed below.


1.                   Review the referral for completeness. 

a.                   Check to see that both parents are identified and that the nature of the referral is clear. 

b.                  Contact the referring agency for additional information if needed.

c.                   Review the child’s placement to determine if a foster care or youth corrections case will be opened.  If the child is in the Department of Human Services (DHS) custody, one of the following cases will be opened depending on the lead agency.

i.                     Division of Juvenile Justice Services (DJJS) – A youth corrections case should be opened.

ii.                   Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) – A foster care case should be opened.


2.                   Obtain a copy of the juvenile court order which places the child in the care or custody of the state and includes the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) support language.  If a court order has not yet been received, proceed with opening the CIC case; then, provide the Requestor of Court Records with the participant(s) name(s) and case number(s) to request a copy of the juvenile court order.  If available also provide the Requestor of Court Records with the following:

a.                   Juvenile Court hearing location;

b.                  Juvenile Court number; and,

c.                   Juvenile Court Judge’s name.


3.                   Conduct participant searches to determine if the participant is known to ORSIS and/or a case(s) already exists.


4.                   Determine if there is a CIC case where the participants and their relationships match the participants and relationships on the referral.  Also, determine if the case type (i.e. foster care/youth corrections case type) is the same.  Multiple children of the same sibling group may be added to foster care cases; however, youth corrections cases may only have one child.  If a parent has more than one child in youth corrections custody a separate case must be opened for each child.                


5.                   If a closed matching case exists, obtain the necessary documents and reinstate the closed case and manually open another case for the other parent on ORSIS. 


6.                   Manually assign both parents to a separate case.  For all new cases and reinstated cases opened on or after January 1, 2018, the worker will need to manually open 2 cases, one for each parent as described below.

a.                   Open separate cases on each parent.  Each parent will be the primary obligor on his/her respective cases.  The other parent will be assigned as inactive on the case.

b.                  For each case, ORSIS will assign a case number, case type, and team designation.

c.                   If the child is receiving social security benefits, open a social security case if the child is in youth corrections or DHS custody.