CS 077P Requests to Forward Letters/Packages to Case Participants

01/23/04 Revised 03/22/04 Training Completed 02/06/04


The Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS) occasionally receives requests to forward letters or packages from one participant on a case to another.  For example, the non-custodial parent (NCP) does not know the address of a child and wants CSS to forward a Christmas present to the child.  CSS does not forward letters or packages because address information is classified as private under the Government Records and Access Management Act.  If you receive a request to forward a letter or package to a participant on a case, return the letter or package with the “Response to Request to Forward Letter or Package.” 


This letter:


1.                  informs the person that CSS is unable to forward the letter because address information has been classified as private information under GRAMA.  Private records can only be disclosed if a party needs to be served with legal process related to a child support, spousal support, medical support, or child care matter; 


2.                  informs the person that they may be able to obtain the address information from CSS if they are a party in the parent-time order with the person for whom the address is being requested; and, 


3.                  explains that even if they are a party to the parent-time order, the address information may be safeguarded and would not be provided. 


NOTE:  If a participant’s case is safeguarded and an insurance plan administrator sends information to you, you may continue to forward this information to the participant.