CS 034P Disclosure of Wage Information

06/90 Revised 07/10/08

UCA 35A-4-105; ADM016


Wage information from the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is classified as private under the Government Records Access and Management Act. It may be used only by authorized personnel for official purposes. Any wage or claim information may be given to the individual who is the subject of that information.


All information provided is based on reports filed by employers. Individuals must obtain records from their employers to resolve any apparent reporting discrepancies.


You must not access DWS information on anyone who is not a non-custodial parent (NCP) or custodial parent (CP).


The Utah Employment Security Act as well as GRAMA provides severe penalties, including imprisonment, for unauthorized disclosure. UCA 35A-4-105 states as follows,
     (1) In any civil action to enforce the provisions of this chapter the department may be represented by any qualified attorney who is employed by the department and is designated by it for this purpose, or at the department's request by the attorney general, or if the action is brought in the courts of any other state by any attorney qualified to appear in the courts of that state.
     (2) All criminal actions for violation of any provision of this chapter, or of any rules or regulations issued pursuant thereto, shall be prosecuted by the attorney general of the state; or, at his request and under his direction, by the prosecuting attorney of any county in which the employing unit has a place of business or the violator resides.