CS 005P Public Assistance Fraud

07/14/03 Revised 12/02/11 Training Completed 12/16/11



A public assistance fraud investigation referral must contain enough information for the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) investigator to conduct the investigation.  A referral must include the information below.


1.                   The information in question, such as, the children are living with the non-custodial parent (NCP).


2.                   Verification to support the claim.



Types of Fraud Referrals


The following are some examples of appropriate public assistance fraud investigation referrals.


1.                   Questionable household composition.


2.                   Household’s expenses exceed income.


3.                   Making monthly payments without sufficient reported income.


4.                   Questions concerning multiple assets.


5.                   Contradictory or altered statements concerning case information.



After an Investigation is Complete


The referring worker receives information concerning a completed investigation by email.  Upon completion of the investigation, the Recipient Claims Database sends an email to the referring worker containing the investigation tracking number.